Why is it important for shopping malls to know the real traffic figures?

COUNTERGUARD’s complex query / analysis software helps you make sound business decisions in many areas.

Real-time reports - instant information
Peak times and utilization analysis

Archive for security and cost plans

Effectiveness analysis for marketing budget

Monitoring and measurement

Monitoring of the actual number of visitors in the facility – you will know exactly which entrance and by how many customers was used on a given day. Conversion measurement. By taking into account the utilization of the building, the maintenance tasks and costs can be identified.


Visitor statistics of custom time periods. Daily email reports with visitor analysis data of the previous day. On-demand dashboard-style data visualization on central monitor, so you can easily track the number of visitors in real time. Comparative analyses: comparing the results of previous years, or the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


Security system and staff can be optimized based on traffic data. Control of the entering traffic to avoid crowded routes, and recommendation of alternative routes on the basis of utilization. In the case of an official control, you can prove that the current number of visitors in the facility doesn’t exceed the permitted limit.

Annexes and parking lots

Measuring the performance of annexes and monitoring the utilization of parking lots – when the number of parking cars in the parking lot reaches the given level, a new floor is opened.

Temporary measuring points

Measurement of promotions, attendance of events by installing temporary measuring points with mobile gate systems. Statistics on the crowd movements can be set up, so you can see when and how many people arrived to each gate, thus the number of entry staff can be planned efficiently.

Marketing strategy

Optimizing marketing costs, analyzing and remeasuring marketing campaigns on monthly and annual level.


Visualizing the location of the sensors on maps, broken down to levels, multilingual interface, creating customized views.

Transparent, supporting statistics for organising

Planing the room occupacy for regular events. Easier to count with the staff, cash desks and security services. You can see how successful is your event, measure the number of visiors on occasional events.

Secure access

On popular events with strickt entry process based limitation it is important to know the number of attending visitors in the place. The security service always can monitor the current number of visitors so can avoid the overcwording.

COUNTERGUARD's sophisticated query / analysis software offers a cost-effective and real-time visitor counting solution. Check out COUNTERGUARD SOFTWARE and COUNTERGUARD STEREO.