Why is it important to measure real attendance data at events, festivals or even smaller gatherings?


Transparent statistics to help organizing

In case of regular events, the utilization of the place can be planned. This makes it easier to plan staff, cash desks and security services. The popularity of events can be measured, and in case of one-off events, we can easily see through the number and distribution of arriving visitors.


At popular events, there are strict rules for the limit of visitors, so it is highly important to know the exact number of the visitors present. The security service watches the number of present visitors on a screen and they will allow the visitors to enter according to the real time data. This way, overcrowding can be avoided.

Our new generation of visitor counter is a unique technology customized and developed for entrances, gates, doors to provide real time, precise numbers of visitors with the help of stereo camera sensors which send signs to the software


  • Flexible constructions, from a few days’ rent to long-term installation;
  • Facilitates non-contact entry, no need of armbands;
  • Battery powered solutions do not require power supplies either
  • Modular design for the development of access control systems made up of multiple gate elements for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Number of visitors can be remeasured, security conditions can be kept, complex reporting opportunities
  • Provides data in real time

COUNTERGUARD's sophisticated query / analysis software offers a cost-effective and real-time visitor counting solution. Check out COUNTERGUARD SOFTWARE and COUNTERGUARD MOBILE!