Why is it important to know the actual attendance data for commercial properties?

The COUNTERGUARD interface also allows you to track continuous traffic measurement and reporting. The complex service includes installing and configuring the sensors and demonstrating how to use the interface.

  • Data-based decision-making: it helps to make the best business decisions on the basis of accurate verified datas
  • Identification of „not-buyer visitors”: it helps to determine the number of the potential customers, who drop in, but finally buys nothing
  • Conversion indicators: comparison of sales datas with attendance
  • Staff optimalization based on visitor numbers
  • Reasonable goals: in light of the datas make feasable goals

Instant information

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    • Measure your sales effects on visitor numbers
    • The impact of a shop redesign
    • Staff optimalization based on visitor numbers
    • The impact of local events on the shop
    • Identificate trends and seasonality
    • The impact of a show window redesign on footfall numbers


Full service

COUNTERGUARD sensor and software installation

Configure COUNTERGUARD sensor and software

Proven accuracy for your business

COUNTERGUARD's sophisticated query / analysis software offers a cost-effective and real-time visitor counting solution. Check out COUNTERGUARD SOFTWARE, COUNTERGUARD STEREO and COUNTERGUARD IR!