Why is real traffic data important in public transportation?

Knowing the exact number of passengers is a strategic factor for each transportation company,


Effective, automated passenger counting facilitates:

  • The planning of routes;
  • The monitoring of the service’s utilization;
  • The effective planning of resources;
  • The improvement of public transportation infrastructure.

The pictures of the cameras are processed in real time, so they don’t record any pictures or videos!

The counter can be connected to other data collecting on-board units of vehicles, and the counting data will be delivered to the internal server together with other information. The equipment can be supplied by independent GPRS connection which transmits data directly.

Thanks to our complex query/analyst software:

  • You can get real time report
  • You can analise peak time periods and utilization
  • You can retrieve visitor analysis data in the archive for security and cost planning
  • By measuring the efficiency of marketing channels, you can optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly and save costs

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