Why is it important to have real attendance figures at restaurants?

Counterguard (5)

Thanks to our complex query/analyst software:

  • The type that can count in infrared range, provides precise data even in dark places without applying assisting lights
  • Provides data in real time about the incoming and outgoing visitors
  • Facilitates non-contact entry
  • Sends an alarm when the number of visitors reaches the limit

Disaster recovery

In the case of an official control, you can prove that the current number of visitors in the facility doesn’t exceed the permitted limit with the data provided by the system.


The alarm function of the system sends an alert to the entry staff in case the number of visitors reaches the limit.

Real time data

The system provides real time information about the incoming and outgoing visitor traffic, but it also facilitates queries for several months aback.


Statistics can be set up about the movement of the crowd, so we can see when and how many people arrive to each gates, thus we can effectively plan the staff at the entrances.

COUNTERGUARD's sophisticated query / analysis software offers a cost-effective and real-time visitor counting solution. Check out COUNTERGUARD SOFTWARE, COUNTERGUARD IR and COUNTERGUARD MOBILE!