COUNTERGUARD visitor counting systems measure more than 100 crossing points, counting more than 60,000 daily visitors.

Following the release of COUNTERGUARD’s new version and its launch in late 2013, the Hungarian Association of Shopping Centers presented itself at the All About Malls conference with great interestIn addition to continuous product development since then, several major business centers have chosen COUNTERGUARD’s visitor counting system for accurate measurement.60,000 daily visitors.

COUNTERGUARD crossing points
COUNTERGUARD counted visitors per month

Which technology is the most effective?


Laser gates based on discontinuity
Laser gates based on discontinuity can easily be circumvented at nightclubs and they can’t even provide accurate data in shopping malls, as they can’t handle multiple people passing through the gates at the same time. COUNTERGUARD, by contrast, provides accurate data regardless of the height of the people, even in a crowd, and it can also handle visitors with strollers.
Wifi based counters
At first, it seems to be a good idea not to determine the number of people but the number of mobile phones. These solutions hold, however, several problems. On the one hand, the mobile phones’ wifi service must be turned on, which, by most users is not a default setting; on the other hand, one person can have more than one mobile, while another person might have none at all. COUNTERGUARD counts in every case accurately, as its algorithm focuses on the shape of persons.
Heat detection systems
Heat detection systems, the accuracy of which can be over 80%, are also widespread. However, this accuracy might be reduced by many factors. Heat camera solutions, for example, can’t be applied where headroom is less than three meters, they are also sensitive for weather conditions, air curtains and air conditioners. Their field of view is narrow, therefore, a costly field survey is required prior to installation. By contrast, our product has a wider field of view, insensitive for temperature changes, and the type that counts in the infrared range provides accurate data even in poor light conditions.